The public inquiry into the granting of planning permission for the 9 – 42 The Broadway development starts very soon:


TIME:              10.00 AM


Save Ealing's Centre would like to say a big thank you to those who have responded to our appeal for help to pay for our barrister and expert witnesses. As at May 4th, we have received £29433.

SEC has worked very hard to put together the case against the scheme that we will be making to the Planning Inspector. For background information about  the inquiry, the main parties, the inquiry procedure, the SEC team and our evidence see HERE 

Now SEC needs your support during the inquiry itself. There are many ways in which you can help:

 Come along

Everyone can attend any or all of the morning or afternoon sessions. The more people who come, the greater the impression the objectors will make on the inspector. If your time is limited, the morning of Day 1 is a good time to choose.

 Register to speak

The Inspector may, at his discretion, offer members of the public a chance to have their say. If he does plan to do so, he is likely on Day 1 to announce the arrangements and ask people to register their intentions.  Again, the more people who voice their views, the better.


We need volunteers to provide refreshments during the breaks to our barrister and witnesses. If you are willing to get involved, please email ealingcentre@yahoogroups.co.uk and let us know when you are planning to attend so that we can make a rota.

 Follow the daily reports on our inquiry blog

Eric Leach has kindly agreed to write a daily report of proceedings. Can he match last time's witty and enlightening effort? West Ealing Neighbours has kindly agreed to host them on its blog at www.westealingneighbours.org.uk. Follow him there!

 Make your parliamentary candidates aware of your views

 The person who will make the final decision about the scheme based on the Inspector’s recommendations is the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. Currently this is the Rt Hon Sajid Javid, but the General Election may change this. Our new MP can help influence things. So ask the candidates - Dr Rupa Huq  (Labour),Joy Morrissey  (Conservative), Jon Ball  (Liberal Democrat) for their support.

 Keep spreading the word

 Make your family and friends aware of the inquiry and encourage them to do any or all of the above.

 The inquiry is scheduled to last 12 days spread over 3 weeks. An updated timetable is set out HERE, although it is likely to change depending on how long the examination and cross-examination of each witness takes. SEC will update the timetable as things proceed, so please check here regularly. Likewise the actual time of any breaks will be decided on the day.