Secretary of State rejects Arcadia scheme

Save Ealing's Centre is delighted the Secretary of State has decided that Glenkerrin's Arcadia development is not to go ahead.

This has proved that our decision to oppose the scheme at the Public Inquiry was entirely justified and that we were able effectively to represent the many residents who opposed it.

We will examine their reports carefully but we are very encouraged that both the Secretary of State and the Inspector see that the scheme was wrong for the centre of Ealing. They have concurred with the arguments that SEC made from the start.

Through its costly support for the scheme Ealing Council has appeared badly out of touch - both with planning experts nationally and with the community. This decision means that we all have a chance to start again but with a more participative approach. In the coming months SEC wants to work with present and prospective local representatives to see if we can develop a joint vision for a town centre that meets everybody's aspirations.

For the Arcadia site, this means a scheme that takes fully into account the need for an integrated public transport interchange at Ealing Broadway station and one that properly respects the character and the scale of Haven Green.

We thank the thousands of SEC supporters who helped us in so many ways in our battle and who generously donated towards the legal representation which won the case. Today's decision belongs to you all.

7 Dec 2009