Save Ealing's Centre appeared as a principal witness at the Public Inquiry into the proposed Arcadia development which started on 23 June and ran for 11 days.

Our appeal for help to fund our fight against the case being put by developers Glenkerrin and Ealing Council was highly successful, raising 20,000 to allow us to have proper legal representation. Both the applicant and the Council briefed experienced QC, and we could not have fought the case effectively without the help of a barrister.

In the event, our young advocate Tom Cross, with the help of planning lawyer Pat Thomas, guided us through the pitfalls of the Inquiry and marshalled our evidence to great effect. Summaries of our case can be seen through the links on the Q and A page about the Inquiry.

Our five witnesses and those of the other "Rule 6 Parties", the Ealing Civic Society and the combined local Conservation area panels, were strongly cross-examined by Richard Harris, QC for Glenkerrin, and to a lesser extent by Morag Ellis, QC for the Council, but acquitted themselves well. Our day-to-day report of the proceedings can be seen on another page.

The witnesses were well supported by members of the public, who make their own contributions by questioning the witnesses for Glenkerrin and in several cases made speeches. Equally important was the continuing presence of many people who only came to listen and lend their (not always silent!) moral backing.

We must now wait for the Inspector to make his report, and for the Secretary of State to reach a decision. In the meantime, the bodies that make up SEC will continue to fight for the Vision for the future of Ealing which has been so strongly supported during the Inquiry.

13 July 2009