Arts & Leisure

Arts & Leisure Centre plans progress

SEC is delighted to report that the project to set up an Arts and Leisure Centre in Ealing Town Hall is making headway. This is one of the major items in our Vision.

Ealing Arts + Leisure has adopted this project and is currently conducting a survey to establish the requirements for the first stage, a recording and rehearsal studio.

Ealing Arts + Leisure has also renewed its request for individuals and organisations to give public backing for the project.

Earlier last year, SEC supporters were approached to sign up and show their backing for this scheme. The appeal for public support is now being renewed, to demonstrate to the local and national authorities, who can help make it happen, that there is a swell of local support for this project.

Ealing Arts + Leisure's February letter is attached. To add your name to the list of supporters, email your name, address, postcode to Please do it now!

February 2010