Local Development Framework

Update on the LDF

The Council is required to publish a Local Development Scheme (LDS) which sets out the programme for preparing its Local Development Framework which will be the overall plan for the Borough.

Ealing last updated its LDS in March 2010 and there have been a number of developments since which have not been widely publicised. As SEC understands them the key points are as follows:

1. The LDF

  • A public consultation on the core strategy and a number of other documents ran between September and November 2010 - later than expected.
  • This last round of consultation attracted many more responses than previous rounds and Council planners are considering them closely. Except where factual errors have been identified there is no intention of amending the draft strategy - so the document we have already seen is likely to form the basis for the public examination by a Government Inspector.
  • The target for LBE to submit the documents to the planning inspector has slipped as a result. Ealing say they hope to get these in by the end of March 2010. Ealing planners will include their summary of the key points that were made to help the Inspector to plan the Inquiry.
  • Ealing will not send respondees copies of its comments on the responses it received to the consultation, but they say that everything will be posted on the website.
  • It is now likely that the pre inquiry meeting will have to slip back probably till the summer but the date will be set by an Inspector who is yet to be appointed.
  • The examination itself is likely to be sometime in the autumn. The Inspector will determine the timing and the programme on the basis of the main issues that have emerged from the consultation plus anything else that he/she believes relevant. The examination is likely to be organised in a similar way to the one for the London Plan, with key themes identified by the Inspector.
  • Ealing still expects the LDF to be adopted by the end of this year.
  • In response to concerns raised by SEC and others that the public is not being kept well informed about what is happening, Ealing say they hope to send more regular ebulletins to anyone registered to keep them in the loop.

2. Ealing Town Centre

The town centre workshop which was cancelled at the end of last year is not now expected to be re-scheduled.

Instead, LBE wants to rebrand it and broaden it into a focus group featuring invited participants including developers, TFL, service providers, retailers etc and community groups - including SEC. This will hear reports from evidence providers - presumably including Roger Tym, and Tibbalds which will set out all the issues and concerns.

SEC believes that while such a group may have an important role to play, the community's strong interest in the town centre and the unsatisfactory outcomes of previous town centre public meetings mean many people will want an opportunity to register their views directly.

6 Feb 2011