7th August 2014:
SEC's request to supporters asking for an urgent response to the proposed timing of Ealing Council's Planning Committee meeting including Station plans.

SEC have just circulated an e-mail to it's supporters asking them to contact Ealing Council to request that the full planning committee delay their discussions until after a promised exhibition scheduled for early September.

You can see the full text of the e-mail Here

2nd May 2014:
SEC's full response to the proposed Crossrail station design.

SEC has now published its full response after the meeting held on 24th.

The resonse was sent to Isabel Dedring
(Deputy Mayor, Transport - see all about her on the GLA website )

and can be read here

24th April 2014:
Crossrail announce new designs for Ealing Broadway Station frontage.

SEC met with our MP Angie Bray and Crossrail at the EATAG (Ealing and Acton Transport Action Group)meeting on 24th April.

The full SEC response to them will be published shortly. Whilst the new designs are a big improvement on the previous ones, many details remain unresolved. The biggest concerns however, are how the plans relate to the internal station design, particularly in terms of the stations capacity to handle the additional passengers with Crossrail adamant that escalators will not be provided and to things outside including drop-off points, bus stops,cycle parking and Arcadia re-development.

We think all these things need to be designed as a whole, rather than rushing into formal approval of the station frontage as Crossrail currently plans to do. 

SEC intends to submit its plans formally to the Council for approval very shortly. There will be just three weeks for public consultation after which it hopes Ealing’s Planning Committee will decide whether to approve the scheme on either 11th June or 2nd July.  

Subsequently, a member of the Ealing Transport for All Group ( Ealing Transport Action Group web site ) - who campaign for accessible transport for all - wrote the following to Crossrail explaining their reservations about the proposals, particularly for disabled and older Londoners.

The text of the letter can be seen here  including additional comments about access from the station to the proposed Arcadia re-development site.

Crossrail publicly revealed their revised designs for the Ealing Broadway Station frontage. Key slides from their presentation can be seen here

HOWEVER be warned that the slides are a quite large (1Mb) file so it may be better not to view them on a mobile device. Wait till you get home!

22nd April 2014:
West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum host a Crossrail presentation on plans for West Ealing Station and details of the meeting.

On Tuesday 22nd, over 200 people crammed into the function room at The Drayton Court Hotel to hear about plans for the new Crossrail West Ealing Station.

Although this station is on the far edge of the SEC area, many may wish to use it in preference to fighting along the "Office Corridor" and using the somewhat inaccessible Ealing Broadway Station.

You can read a report of the meeting here

WECNF can be contacted via their website at http://www.wecnf.org/

15th April 2014: SEC present the Ealing Broadway Station Petition to Ealing Council and details of the meeting.

SEC in conjunction with CENF (Central Ealing Neighbourhood Forum) presented the online and paper petition of almost 2300 signatures to a full Council Meeting held in The Town Hall on April 15th.

Will French and Nick Woolven each made a brief presentation and there were then about 20minutes of discussions between various Councillors. The Mayor then abruptly brought things to a halt by declaring that the petition would be noted. 

You can read a very full report on this auspicious occasion (courtesy of Eric Leach of West Ealing Neighbours and the West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum) Here

12th March 2014: SEC Ealing Broadway Station Petition

Ealing Broadway Station has long been a nightmare for the thousands of commuters, Heathrow-bound passengers with heavy bags, disabled people and parents with buggies who use it each day.

Crossrail's plans for the station do little to address these problems, and the extra passengers will make them much worse.  Compared with expensive solutions in other parts of London the design is cheap and insults Ealing people.

Save Ealing’s Centre is leading a campaign for something better.

Find out more here, including The Lord Mayor's reply to our petition and to support our petition to Crossrail, the Mayor, and Ealing Council.