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Neighbourhood planning is now a reality for the centre of Ealing. The establishment of two Neighbourhood Forums granted "front runner" status by the government and about to be recognised by the Council means that local people can get directly involved in shaping the future of our town centres.

These forums cover Central Ealing and West Ealing Centre, both of which were designated last year as "neighbourhood areas" under the 2011 Localism Act. Formal recognition gives the forums the right to create Neighbourhood Plans for their areas, which could have as great an impact on Ealing as any other development in its history.

An introduction to what neighbourhood planning involves can be seen on a separate page. Other documents can be accessed through the links in the box on the right.

The important factor now is that, to succeed, both must engage the local population in producing ideas on how our two two centres should develop for the future. SEC is appealing to everyone interested in the future of the town centre to get involved and to contribute ideas, however large or small, to the creation of the plan. Register for information on the central Ealing forum (CENF) at the CENF mailing list, or for West Ealing at West Ealing Neighbours Blog


West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum

5.9.2012: Central Ealing area application

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In 2011, SEC combined with local businesses and Ealing Council to establish two neighbourhood areas covering central Ealing and west Ealing town centre. These two areas were given "front runner" status by the government, which provided grants of £20,000 for them to become the basis for neighbourhood planning under the 2011 Localism Act

Ealing Council, acting as the Local Planning Authority, formally recognised these two areas in 2012, and designated them as business areas because of the level of commercial activity in each.

Since then, the two interim Neighbourhood Forums for those areas have applied for formal recognition as bodies approved to create a Neighbourhood Plan. These applications were put out to public consultation (see details on the Council web site). Approval of these applications is expected around the end of February.

11 February 2013