Ealing Broadway Station

SEC sees draft interchange ideas

A draft report on the options for a transport interchange at Ealing Broadway, commissioned by Ealing Council, has been presented to SEC.

The report, part funded by Transport for London (TfL), has taken on board most of the issues and some of SEC's ideas from our earlier paper to the Council and our presentation to their Crossrail Specialist Scrutiny Committee, but some questions remain.

Over 15 options were initially considered, with 10 of them being developed in greater detail. The main variation was in how they dealt with the bus stops and stands.

The Council is just intending to take forward the simpler and cheaper options. The estimated cost of these is in the range of 4M to 10M. They expect to get TfL to fund a substantial amount of this work. Subject to such outline agreement on funding, the current plan is to put three options to public consultation at some time next year.

The options of putting a bus station over the underground platforms had indicative costs of 75M to 85M. The Council saw no prospect of getting funding for this in the next few years, if at all.

We are now urging the Council to pursue early (pre Crossrail) access improvements to Ealing Broadway Station and also early rationalisation of the bus routes at Ealing Broadway. Most of the schemes require bus route rationalisation to help cope with the expected growth in passenger numbers. We are also urging the Council to develop plans for a comprehensive development around the station site.

12 Sept 10