Ealing Town Hall and local area

The Town Hall and it's associated buildings were built in the mid 1880s at a cost of around £16,000. It superseded the old offices and, at the same time, expressed the civic pride now appropriate to the suburb. The complex included a public baths and library, a fire station (still standing) stabling and workshops as well as the town hall itself. The baths included three pools for men, one for women and one of them was convertible for use as a gym or badminton court.The fire station was complete with a watchtower and stables.
The Victoria Hall and some adjacent parts were provided by public subscription, although the trusteeship was vested in the Board as the council was known at the time.
The hall was modelled on a medieval baronial hall and was designed to be the major function room of the parish with the profits from lettings given to charitable causes.
The Prince of Wales opened the Victoria Hall on 15th December 1889 with appropriate pomp and entertainment.

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22 March 2019